Forex simulator: multi time frame trading

11/16/2018 0 By Mike Shanow

Forex simulator: play with currencies

With the Forex simulator software you have the opportunity to trade with all major currency pairs on the market and even exotic currency pairs if you wish and if you are very well trained!

Trade on all time frame

Everyone has his own style of trading, some are going to have a habit of trading small market moments, extremely fast requiring a particular training. This simulator displays the time period graphs one minute 5 minutes 15 minutes. This allows the extreme scalper to be able to train for hours to establish the best strategy to garner the maximum of pips.
Scalping is very difficult because the patterns we observe may be against the trend of the market. That’s why training with the forex simulator is essential to be able to determine which patterns are the easiest to trade with the highest success statistics.

All Time Frame available !

After each training, on the Forex simulator over a given period, you have the opportunity to watch your statistics, really very detailed. You have the opportunity to observe the number of winning trade, losing trades, your drawdown, your risk, ….

Forex simulator and also very well suited for intraday traders. it allows to display the graphs at 1h and 4h. You can take positions on much larger moves and a lot more on that respects the short term trends of the motto.

Analyse your trading statistics

This forex simulation software also provides a solution for Swing trader. because it allows to display Lestrem in daily, weekly, Monthly.

With this training software you will have the opportunity to establish which is the best trading style that suits you to maximize your earnings

Forex tester allows trading in multi time frame.

With the Forex tester you have the ability to display multiple time frames on the same window!
Indeed, let’s say that on the USD / JPY currency, you want to understand the reaction of the price at the level of a support or a resistance, you have the possibility to display 3 graphs or more, for example the 5 minute the 15 minutes and 1 hour to draw your position to avoid the drawdown.

Multi time frame trading.

With this trading multi time frame, you have the opportunity to train to have positions that become immediately winning!

Customize your graphics on the simulator

In this forex training software, you have the possibility to apply to all the charts you open the personal templates you have established.
All this happens in one click in the Metatrader platform. so you can really be in the real trading conditions with your own template. The transition between simulation and reality is almost imperceptible to you.

Simply place your orders

To place orders in the Forex simulator is very simple. On the control panel or you can make orders for purchase or sale by simply clicking on one of two windows: green for the purchase and red for sales.

Once the order has passed, as in the real markets, you have an indication on the graph of the entry of your position, your stop loss and your take profit. And if you have several windows of the same currency displayed on the screen, the position will also be displayed on all graphs.

Manage your money management in one click.

As you know, the only traders who win in the forex market are those with unconditional risk management. Each position is carefully considered, the size of the Lot perfectly matches the risk.

With the simulator Forex no need to take out the calculator, it’s instant!
On the control panel you have the option to choose either the lot size or the risk.

Risk Management in one Click !

This second option is really very useful for training. For example, if for a position you want a risk of 2%, you indicate in the 2% risk box, and the Forex simulator will automatically calculate the appropriate lot size for your money management!
It is with this type of software that we realize that in trading risk management is a key to success and longevity in Forex.
Without money management you can trade for days with good statistics but it will take only one losing trade to annihilate days and days of effort.

Trader in fast forward.

Novice traders have one element that eludes them: patience. Unfortunately patience is learned with huge losses in the Forex markets.
Avoid losing money with the Forex simulator, practicing how to scroll the charts at the speed you desire.

It’s like in a movie you go to the scene that interests you the most, avoiding to see the scenes without any interest.
So you can advance the time to go directly to the trading volume period to be able to take advantage of the best market movements.
with the Forex simulator where could go from hour to hour from day to day to determine which periods are most conducive to trading.

If you want to increase your chances of winning in Forex do not hesitate to buy forex simulator for. You will have several licenses that you can use on several MT4 platforms.