Trade with the Forex simulator

Trade with the Forex simulator

11/19/2018 0 By Mike Shanow

Open trades with the Forex simulator

With the Forex simulator you can trade in the same conditions as in real Forex markets.
You can stop the time, analyze the situation, think about what is the best opportunity at this time. Run markup on your graphics, to best analyze the best strategy to take  the maximum pips  at this point in time.

Do not be afraid to lose money by training: because with the Forex simulator everything is possible. You can trade and advance the time to analyze your losses or gains.

To open a position for purchase or sale, just click on the green or red buy or sell button.

As soon as click and perform the position and directly entered on the screen of your Forex simulator. Line describing the entry of your position with the take profit and the stop loss directly on your chart, according to the pre-established settings on your money management. 

Take a trade by clicking on buy or sell button

Eliminate the constraint of time

When they want to train in the real Forex markets, beginners have great difficulty to stay patient to wait for the set up that allows them to earn Pips.
This is the hard reality of Forex: the gains are present only at certain times of the market. This certain flat period does not allow to have large transaction volumes to allow to have a direction of the market.

Just imagine that with the Forex simulator you can move forward or backward to go to a specific period of time that you would like to trade.
You can also slow down or speed up the course of time by manipulating the speed slider. this feature is available on all time frames. 

Forex time machine !

Multi time frame analysis

Eliminate the c

You can display multiple windows on the screen in multiple time frames on the same currency. you can manipulate time on all time frames at the same time!

You can analyze your position first over a long period of time, such as H4. confirm your position on an intermediate time period h1 or M30. and finally start the trade on a position of small time period M15 and M5 !!!

With this ultimate tool you will avoid the DrawDown that will become a mere memory.
You will then refine your strategies to enter the markets at the best times to recover your earnings as soon as possible and out of your positions.

You have the possibility to advance the time in terms of speed by increasing the ticks/s or by moving bar by bar.

Become the master of the risk.

With the forex simulator, you will become the real money manager. No more trade will be taken with reckless risks that could endanger your capital.
In one click you will determine the risk you want to take by trade.

You simply indicate the percentage of risk you want, the size of your stop loss, and forex simulator takes care of everything.
The batch size is calculated automatically for a money management worthy of an expert

With this fantastic tool, novice traders will really understand that the key to success and longevity in the Forex market is risk management. Indeed you can vary the percentage of risk you take at each trade, the size of your stop loss, go back, do a simulation over a certain period, to know what is the best risk strategy for a given currency . 

Position at the screen

All  parameters for each trade

In the control panel of Forex simulator you have the opportunity to see live during your comma trading the level of equity and your earnings floating. so you can let the trades run or cut as close to your goals. 

Equity, profitor loss in live

When your equity reaches the desired percentage of gain or loss you can cut all your trades in one click.

All your archived positions

You have the opportunity to see the history of your entire position on your entire workout session on the Forex simulator.
A small yellow arrow to indicate you on the graph your entry position. if it was winning you will see a second blue arrow connected between them by  dotted lines. And if the position is losing you will see a red arrow instead of the blue arrow. 


A history chart summarizes all of your positions taken on your Forex training session at the simulator.
The data are sorted by order type either for sale or purchase they are numbered, you have the date of entry and the time of entry, the size of the Lot, the price of entry, the price stop loss, the price of take profit as well as the profit where the losses possibly incurred on your trading account. 

Summary of your trades

A fantastic tool

With the Forex simulator, you have in your hands the most powerful training tool in the Forex market. you can analyze all the market’s currency in the same software. avoid wasting your money on the Forex market by actually training yourself.
reading all the books in the world on Forex will not allow you to improve your earning abilities. you absolutely have to do like the athlete who trains day and night to beat all those records and stay consistent over time. buy without further delay the Forex Simulator software by clicking here.